The best way to clean and re-varnish the cabin sole.

REMEDY: One member responded, I cleaned, sanded, then applied six coats of INTERLUX SATIN FINISH. Two years later it still looks pretty good (those two years included six months of living aboard with two standard poodles). Needs a maintenance recoat. I've seen suggestions that walnut shell stripes, conforming to the pattern in the teak and holly strips, would make for much more secure footing.

Another approach: To remove the varnish or oil finishes use strippers such as MINWAX Furniture Refinisher, polystripper or similar products and steelwool - scrapers if really built up. After stripping use two part teak cleaner to remove stains and to give a clean uniform finish. Gloves and good ventilation for the first 2 steps. Follow this by sanding [220 grit] because there is always some roughness.
After preparing the teak apply one coat of varnish thinned by about 10% with paint thinner. Sand smooth and apply a minimum of 2 coats, sanding between coats. Spar Varnish, while not as hard has the best water resistance and is outdoors rated. Prior to the all coats vacuum the teak and wiped it with a damp cloth and allowed to dry. Tack cloths leave a waxy residue if your not careful.

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