Challenges in finding replacements for damaged or deteriorating navigation lights.

Owners Wrote:
BOW LIGHT: ?We broke our AQUA SIGNAL OO5O 10, DHI 01/O2/30, TD41, 25-watt bow light in Seattle. A similar replacement for this 13-year-old fitting was not available in various Puget Sound chandleries or in the Victoria area. One finally was located in Vancouver, after a call to the eastern AQUA SIGNAL distributor. 
"NAVIGATION/SPREADER LIGHTS"  I replaced the 10-watt AQUA SIGNAL SERIES "25" combo deck/steaming light and the stern light with AQUA 40. The lamp contacts corroded and the lights were very unreliable at best. These are 20-watt lights. I want to be seen. I also added regular spreader lights that would illuminate the whole boat rather than just the fore deck.

Category: Electrical Systems