Requirement for anchor points to which to clip a safety harness.

One owner reports having installed two pad eyes in the cockpit.
1. Drill holes for mounting the pads, twice the required bolt diameter.
2. Fill the holes with epoxy to make a solid base. Allow it to harden.
3. Drill the holes for the mounting bolts, and complete the installation.
(The epoxy base prevents any water that may make it under the pad from entering the core).

Alternatively, drill the holes the diameter of the bolts. Place a nail bent like an ?L? in a variable speed drill and undercut the deck about 1?. Fill with thickened epoxy and redrill. This approach should be used to preserve the original deck appearance if it will not be covered by the hardware.
Note: all pad eyes to which safety harnesses will be attached should have metal backing plates.

Category: Hull & Deck Systems