Need to know height of mast for clearance.

One owner measured the mast while it was removed for repairs, then measured the distance from the bottom of the mast to the waterline.

The following measurements were taken by the owner:
1)Bottom of mast to top of masthead - 48' 6"
2)Bottom of mast to to top of tricolour light - 49' 4"
3)Bottom of mast to top of the Windex - 49' 5"
4)Using an approx. 10 ft. length of 3/16" ID clear plastic tubing "as a sort of U-Tube manometer", with one end in the sink drain in the head and the other end rising above the sole, marked the height of the waterline. The distance from the waterline to the mast bottom on this boat was 8 3/4". Deducting only 8" (to be conservative by 3/4'), the results were:
47'10"" to the masthead, 48'8" to the tricolour light, 48'9" to the Windex.
As always, measure to get your actual height.

Category: Rigging & Sails