Sails I was in surfing sailnet and entered the information to get a sail quote. When I typed in the boat it came up Aloha 34 and Aloha 10.4. For the jib and genoa the measurements were different.  The 10.4 had more sail area hence cost more. Were these boats rigged differently?

I belive that there are two sizes of rig for the Aloha 34/10.4, I am not 100% sure but I don't believe that rig size is related to the 34/10.4
Sizing on the web is a good way to get an estimate and help you to budget but one should always measure the rig before signing on the dotted line. The sail maker in Hamilton, Ontario, said that he would not even make a sail unless he came to the boat and did the measuring himself. He also said that it was not recommended to use the the old sail for making measurements.

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